Why Students are Increasingly Dropping out of Colleges

Completing one’s college education is extremely important to progress further in life. However, it has been shown by several studies and surveys that a high percentage of college students opt to drop out at an early stage. They either get involved in some business or take up a job in a small company. While they are earning from those sources, they still do not feel happy. Then, why is it that they quit their studies and get involved in jobs and businesses? Are they not willing enough to study or are there other factors behind their dropping out of colleges? Let’s us see.

Hefty student loans

Financial burden is a major factor for students to stop short of a degree. Many dropouts say that they had to leave their college due to the heavy burden of student loans that they could not afford. Students generally leave their courses mid-way, as they cannot afford high education fees. Many dropouts do not belong to higher strata of the society and do not have a strong financial background. Thus, their final decision is to quit their studies.

Losing on other opportunities

Some students also leave their colleges, as there are more lucrative job opportunities that could make up for their expenditures. They feel that remaining in the college would derail them from pursuing such opportunities. While they find these opportunities appealing, their ultimate aim is to earn money from those opportunities and fulfilling their financial obligations.
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Challenges of the course

A few students also give the dropout reason as the toughness of their course. They cannot handle the pressure of work that their course demands. In today’s competitive world, education is the most competitive phase. College dropouts are those students who simply cannot cope up with such competing study demands. If students are doing a part-time job or handling a family, then it becomes all the more difficult for them to survive in the competitive world of studies.

Taking up a wrong path

Every student has a dream or goal of reaching somewhere by completing a course of study. Some students dropping out of colleges find that a specific course is not made for them or is not fit to reach their goals in life. They believe that they have taken up a wrong path by taking up their course. Thus, they want to fulfill their dreams and reach their goals in their own ways. This makes them quit their studies on the way.

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