Who is following Pope Francis?

Did you know that somebody is following Pope Francis? Yes, there is not one person but more than 10 million people who have been following the pope. All this has been happening on the popular social networking site called Twitter. Pope Francis has been so popular on Twitter that he recently celebrated reaching a followership by 10 million people.

There are nine Twitter accounts running for Pope Francis. All these accounts help in spreading the gospel among people. The followership of pope has been calculated by adding up the number of followers on all these accounts. On reaching this milestone of followership, Pope Francis thanked all his Twitter followers by writing a message on all his accounts and in different languages. Pope whole-heartedly thanked his followers in this message and requested them to keep praying for him.
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Although Pope Francis has been highly successful in increasing his followership, he still needs to message a lot on Twitter before catching up with Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. These celebrities have already reached a followership mark of 40 million. To continue spreading his ideas, Pope Francis and the Vatican might like to give a try to some latest technological tools and techniques. Yet, the feat has spread jubilance among all his followers.

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