Wanderlust Youngsters: What ignites the desire within to explore the world?

Gone are the days when people used to stick to their companies till they age up to 60 and spend rest of the years with the funds they have saved. The young blood is more inclined towards the quality of life than earning a good fortune for their old age. While there are more than 85 million youngsters across the globe, and around 75% of them are wanderlust. But how do the younger generation crave to travel the foreign lands and explore the different cultures & living?

Being a tech-savvy socially addicted generation, millennials are hugely affected by the impact of social media on their lives. When you were young you must have seen travel commercials on TV, but how much could you rely on those? While those commercial advertisements told us to travel different countries and live like a local there, social media gave a whole new meaning to the people who love to travel. When your favourite Instagram celebrity travels to a place and post amazing pictures, you automatically get driven to explore that place.

Apart from the celebrity influence, your friends’ travel diaries on social networking sites ignites the gypsy side of you to explore the same city or country. Everyday when we scroll down our social media feed, we are showered by our friends’ pictures in a foreign land and how happening their lives are the overseas.

While the parental generation loved living a simple life, the millennials love challenges. The younger generation wishes to explore, inspire and experience different cultures and things. Thus, there is a 33% rise in the younger generation moving to different cities and countries to improve the quality of their livelihood. Because the older generation could not travel and earn, their offsprings love to challenge themselves and live life on their terms. The millennials are not afraid to quit their job and move to a different country to fulfil a personal goal.

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With the advent of technology, an individual can work anywhere anytime by digital workplace. Digital workplace is your online workstation where you can work on a device or system, anywhere in the world with just an internet connection. When the economy hit with recession and low employment opportunities for youngster, they made their way through technology. Digital workplace provides them to travel and work while their desk jobs stopped them to take those trips.


The young generation will rather travel, gain experience, meet new people, open ways to more career opportunities, try local cuisine of different places, and add value to their lives than sit in the same office for years. A psychological study has claimed that travelling is a key to happiness and thence most of the people choose to be happy over financially stable. Science also says that people adapt to things over time and value the individual experience over material goods. Haven’t we all heard over time that experience matters? This is how our generation decides! We will prefers booking plane tickets and go around Europe than buying a luxurious bungalow in our hometown and stay there forever.

YOLO! You Live Only Once and hence you have one life to explore, love, earn, and experience new things. Our generation doesn’t fear challenges but love to experience and learn new things. The major reason why the younger generation is a generation of wanderlust is because they can’t stick to one thing. The new generation will love to switch than stick and suffer. We will move to a new country, make new friends, try new jobs and make the best of our lives because we can and we are not afraid of what may come!

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