Uncovering the wonders of science

Teachers look at the courses that their students are enrolling in with concern. They notice that many students are enrolling themselves in commerce courses and arts courses. Those who enrol in commerce courses do so with the intention of becoming bankers and chartered accountants and finance managers. They wish to work in multi-national companies and earn million dollar salaries. Those who enrol themselves in arts courses do so with the intention of writing the civil services exam or making a career in advertising and the creative arts. But where are the students who wish to study science and probe deeper into the mysteries of how this world works? That is a breed of scholars who are fast vanishing.


Teachers will recall the days when every parent wanted their child to be either an engineer or a doctor. At that time, academicians had a hard time convincing the students to take up alternate courses and alternate careers. But now the tables have been turned. Students probably took up science courses more for financial reasons than for any great love for the subject. They thought that if they studied science then it would pave the way for a stable career. But after seeing many engineering and medical students without a job, suddenly the students and their parents are realising that there is no prosperity in science, even though there is plenty of hard work. So the demand for science courses has gone down.

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But this is a matter of great concern. Any historian would tell you that the societies who have progressed the most have done so on the back of technological accomplishments. The Romans were the most technologically advanced civilisation of their time. The industrial revolution transformed small and backwards nations like England and France into globetrotting superpowers. The discoveries of the 20th and 21st centuries were responsible for the might of the Soviet Union and the United States.

If any society wishes to progress, rule and dominate then they have to be a scientific behemoth. This can only be achieved if the brightest students in the finest universities of a nation devote their lives to uncovering the mysteries of this planet and the worlds beyond the sun. For this they have to take a keen interest in science and start studying the basics from a young age. Only then can they be great scientists and inventors when they grow up.

Admittedly, there is much hard work in science and the rewards pale in comparison to what one can earn in a Wall Street bank. But not everything is about money, and there are times when students have to work towards a greater good. Teachers have to start inculcating the love of science into their young wards. They have to make complicated theories interesting, and they have to teach them the value of experiments. When students lookup at the night sky, they must be filled with curiosity as to what wonders the stars hold. When they look at a sick man, they must be filled with determination to find a cure. Only then can a nation hold its head high with pride.