Things You Need to Ensure Before Applying for a Job Position in the Police Department

Things You Need to Ensure Before Applying for a Job Position in the Police Department

Career opportunities in law-enforcing agencies

Criminal Justice is one of the highly career-oriented subjects these days. Apart from careers in Courts, Judiciary or investigation agencies, qualification in Criminal Justice also open entry to the police department. There are many lucrative professional careers waiting for you if you have the required potential and education. An associate or graduate degree in criminal justice makes you eligible for law-enforcing agencies like Federal Police, State Police, City Police, correction departments, probation offices, corporate loss prevention departments and Forensics. You may also apply for jobs in private organizations such as Resume Services, L.E. Companies, L.E. Links, and Online private investigation agencies, etc. While a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice enables you to apply for the coveted police jobs like Police Sheriff, Marshal, etc. Career opportunities in law-enforcing agencies are also expanding day-by-day with the increasing complexities of security problems.

Careers in police guarantee sound financial future.

However, there is a slight difference in salaries in smaller and big states. However, the overall benefits and salary packages are thought to be relatively better in comparison to other services of a similar status. The data collected by the United States Labor’s Bureau states that median salaries at the entry-level in police service with graduate degrees in Criminal Justice are $61,060 to $136,810. The salaries may also vary a little bit with the difference in the nature of jobs.

Basic requisites to build a career in police department

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Basic duties of the police department

The basic duties entrusted to the police department are to maintain law and order. The police officials have to protect people against all criminal acts like theft, robbery, rape, homicide, traffic problems and all sorts of acts of violence. They arrest those who are convicted of breaching the law, investigate crimes and bring the accused to the Court. They also help in judicial prosecution of various cases by providing evidence in the court. They also give assistance to people in emergencies. The police sheriffs monitor the working of the personnel deputed under their subordination while their deputies are assigned various tasks related to their official duties. The division and the nature of duties assigned to the police officers may vary in different regions of the world. However, their main concern is the maintenance of the law.

The nitty-gritty of police detectives

The investigation agencies work hand in hand with the police officers in investigating crimes. The personnel of the investigation agencies is called detectives. The police department also recruits detectives and they are called the police detectives. Also, while there are private detectives who are officially licensed by the authorities and help the police in detecting the criminals.

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