The Requirement of Corporate Advisory Services and Their Advantages

In the past decade, India has marked its presence as an attractive foreign investment destination for growing companies around the world. Along with its expanding economy, India has been identified among the top 3 countries for investment. Foreign companies, barring the truly global ones, do not possess the expertise of a corporate advisory service team that can provide a complete solution to the company’s financial goals and risk management with regards to investing in India.

To solve this limitation, there are a host of corporate advisory services available in India that a company can partner with in order to achieve their business goals. Such services are not only available for companies entering the Indian market, but also those who want to expand their business operations. Along with advisory services, these partners offer a host of corporate banking and corporate finance services to their clients.

Let us discuss the advantages of utilizing the solutions offered by corporate advisory services in India:

  • Strategy prior to investment

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Corporate advisory services include the expertise offered to overseas corporations on key factors including investment sustainability and tax structure prior to investing in India. Efficient tax strategies can help you manage your corporate taxes.

  • Company incorporation services and adherence to regulations

Typically, company incorporation services include company establishment along with joint venture (JV) structuring, Registrar of Companies (ROC) compliance, and annual filing of the company’s finance balance sheet and audit report. Additional services include getting the required approval from Indian regulatory authorities to make the company compliant with all existing Indian laws.

  • Business operations

Once the company is up and running, corporate advisory services provide consultation on efficient business processes in order to optimize the company’s processes and supply chain. This solution can bring about a transformation in the company’s global performance by addressing global market needs and achieving optimum operational efficiency.

  • Governance and risk control

These services include the complete integration of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and other controls such as financial audits, governance risk management, and labour law compliance.

  • Mergers and acquisitions

Corporate advisory services can offer diverse expertise in the solutions required for mergers and acquisitions. These services include the right identification of the company to be acquired or merged, risk management, agreement drafting, and finance audit of the target company.

  • Corporate Banking services

In addition to corporate advisory services, corporate banking services are also offered as a complete banking solution. This service provides guidance to the client with regards to term and corporate loans, assessment of working capital loans for business expansion, and corporate debt restructuring to guide the company through any financial hardship.

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