The Growth of International Law Firms in India

International law firms have seen a considerable growth in India in the last couple of decades. This has successfully curtailed the unauthorized practice of several companies and has brought law and order to the right place. Now, the question is if foreign lawyers should invest in these firms and if yes, whether they would be as successful as they were in their home town. To be honest, India has a lot of potential to be one of the leading countries and it is time people realized that and did something encouraging for the country. Bringing in foreign lawyers and international law firms will not only help in the working process of the law and order system, but will also make it more systematic and easier to

Foreign affairs

Over the years, there have been so many foreign business concerns that have become highly successful by setting up their business in India. So, why not give the law industry an opportunity to flourish. You will see foreign companies outsourcing their work to India and thousands of people working for those companies. With the advent of international law firms in India, more people would get a chance to be employed rather than sit at home and grudge about not getting any work. Most importantly, the lawyers from India will get new ideas for defending their cases and this will help their clients a lot.

Freedom to setup companies

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India has always followed a globalization and liberalization policy and that has helped foreign companies to setup their business in India. With the increase in the number of foreign companies, there has been a significant growth in the international law firms as well. The General Agreement on Trade in Services has allowed law firms to be setup just like other businesses have. However, they would be governed by the Indian law and would have to follow all the rules and regulations that the lawyers of India have been following ever since.

Initial hurdles

One of the main reasons why international law firms struggled to be on the same page with the Indian law is because of the vast bylaws that India has. Although the lawyers were highly experienced, it took some time for them to settle down. However, in the recent times, if you go to any international law firm, you will not be able to feel any difference because they have become familiar with the law changes and everything else that requires legal advice.

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