The ethics of travel

Travel involves great pleasure and a sense of excitement, but most time you and I forget that we never travel alone when we are out to explore. There may be others with us, towards whom we should be considerate and must manage to imbibe a number of travel ethics in ourselves to make sure we don’t turn out to be a

  • The number one rule of good travel ethics is to keep your volume down. Whether you are in excited conversations with friends and family, or are in an enthusiastic travel game session or are simply enjoying harmless music or a movie, make sure you keep the volume down. Other may not be excited about being dragged into your piece of gossip, or they might want to catch up on their sleep as you play or the heavy metal that you listen to might not exactly be their preference.
  • Another major travel ethic that you should be careful about is, if you are travelling with children; keep them well behaved and engaged. People may not really enjoy listening to your kid’s favourite poem rendition or they may just get annoyed with the temper tantrum that your child may be prone to throwing.
  • Smoking in public is another point of contention that most people get annoyed about. Though there may be signs put up prohibiting smoking in a public place, your craving for a smoke may lead to overlook them. However, make sure that your urge to satisfy yourself does not overpower your fellow travellers right to good health.
  • Finally one of the most important ethics is to hold your drink. While on a flight or a luxury train, you may be offered beverages, some may even offer you complimentary drinks, but remember you are not at a night club on a Saturday night, so hold your drink and control your senses.

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