Teenagers and the need for sleep

sleepWhen someone is in the middle of those awful teenage years, they just feel like sleeping all the time. Their parents get angry at them, their teachers complain about them, and their siblings tease them about it, but there is nothing that the teenager can do. They just want to sleep all the time. Some of them feel bad about it and develop an inferiority complex. However, if they were to pick up any of the reports done by scientists on this phenomenon of late then the complex would go away. Of course, excessive sleep is still bad, but a certain amount of sleep is still necessary.

Their bodies are growing and changing by the day

The teenager would know all too well how his or her body is changing and developing all the time in these years. It is a difficult time both emotionally and physically. So how does the teenager deal with these changes; by sleeping, of course! These changes exhaust the body and the only way that the teenage body can replenish its energy is by sleeping.

Their social lives are changing

This is the time when the teenager makes new friends, spends late nights out, starts socialising a lot more, and begins attending a lot of parties. Naturally the body clock is thrown off its rhythm. The body is used to sleeping at night and being alert during the day. But during these years, when teenagers stay up late, they are disrupting the natural rhythm of their biological clocks. The sleep that the body has been deprived of has to be compensated during the day. Naturally, one finds the teenager sleeping relentlessly during the day time, after being active at night.

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Their study patterns are changing

This is the time of life when the teenager is becoming aware of the hard work that he or she has to put in for the rest of their life. As the teenager begins attending higher grades, the amount of effort that is required with subjects increases. There is a lot more studying to be done, and the lessons have become a lot harder. Homework is not as simple as it used to be. Also, students who are studying abroad and have English as their second language have to work harder on polishing their work more. Many students also hire experts to help them complete their assignments successfully. The teenager might even have to put in late nights studying. Exhaustion takes its toll. So what is to be done? Sleep.

Emotional problems take their toll

This is the phase of life when the teenager begins to learn and understand new emotions. Boys and girls start to get an idea of their place in the social scheme of things. They get confused by what they see around them, and have many doubts and questions. Sometimes these doubts and questions are not answered and they get a heavy feeling that they ward off by sleeping.  But this sleep is important, and it is the way the body deals with the rapid changes it has to experience both inside and outside. So next time you find teenagers sleeping, maybe you should just let them.

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