Strange Facts Of The Milky Way

The solar system, with the sun at the center and nine planets revolving around it, is located in a galaxy. A galaxy is a gigantic system (held together by the force of gravitation) consisting of stars, murky matter, gas and dust. There are billions of galaxies in the universe and the Milky Way is one of them. The solar system is located in the Milky Way. This galaxy is twirl shaped and has earth in one of its expansions, far from the center. It is called ‘milky’ due to its manifestation as a faintly luminous group bending across the sky ( at night ) in which the eye can’t differentiate between independent stars. It is gigantic in size and of milky color, which is why the name.

From inside the galaxy (to the people of the United States, India and other countries), the Milky Way looks like a group due to its disk formed arrangement. It is a barred curved galaxy with a thickness of one lakh to one lakh twenty thousand light years. One light year is the distance travelled by light in one year. Considering the speed of light, this thickness is unthinkably huge. Around hundred to four hundred billion stars and planets are situated here. Its center is invisible due to it being obstructed by excessive dust and gas. The oldest stars date back thirteen billion years ago and only about two thousand five hundred out of four billion stars can be observed from the earth. The galaxy regularly creates and drops stars, with gas and dust constituting an enormous ten to fifteen percent of its ‘normal matter,’ with the leftovers being stars.

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The solar system moves through space at eight lakh twenty eight thousand kilometres every hour. It would still take the solar system two hundred and thirty million years to complete one revolution around the milky way. This galaxy not only rotates but also revolves all the way through the universe. The gigantic groups of stars constantly roll into each other. The closest galaxy, the ‘Andromeda Galaxy’ is on a crash course with the milky way at seventy miles every second. This crash will happen about four billion years later and result in the development of new stars. With so many strange facts, the milky way is surely very interesting and fun.