See how Bollywood Sets the Trends!

Bollywood does set trends and hence is defined as trendsetter. Over the years, actors have been inspiring newer trends with their on-screen attire. From Sadhna’s stylish haircut in the ’60s to glamorous Kareena Kapoor’s T-shirt over patialas in Jab We Met (2007), silver screen has been an inspiration for number of fashion trends.

So let’s discuss five recent films that have made style statements.


Band Baaja Baraat released in 2010 starring Anushka Sharma made waves with snug short kurtis and generous patialas. It brought the flavour of Punjab to our wardrobes.

Bunty Aur Babli released in 2005 brought out bright, vibrant and vivacious hangover by raising a sartorial toast to the salwar kurti.

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Aisha released in 2010 was an inspiration for every girl whose 20- something self was highly inspired by Alicia Silverstone’s Cher Horowitz in Clueless. It brought out preppy, pretty and lady-like fashion. It is this film that made Sonam Kapoor Bollywood’s purveyor of style.

Student of the Year was released in 2012. It portrayed Gossip Girl role played by Alia Bhatt via Shanaya. She made us all wish if we could go back to school. The wardrobe of Shanaya comprised labels ranging from Alice + Olivia and Manish Malhotra to Hermès. Her look was loved by all as it was young, glamorous and cute to the core.

English Vinglish released in 2012 took as back to the era of wearing cotton sari along with a humble bindi. A trench coat further gave a rocking look. English Vinglish gave us the message that we certainly can do everything if we wish to do.

Sridevi made a mark here with a delicious palette of cotton saris. Her hair tied back in an unassuming braid sent another fashion wave. The other accessory, a bindi and those expressive eyes, all of a sudden portrayed a crisp, clean and demure housewife.

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