Science and how it affects us daily

Looking at the world around us today, isn’t it amazing how science has affected so much of how people live their daily lives. Science has always played an important role in the progress of human societies. But the pace of scientific accomplishments these days is truly staggering. The rate at which new technologies and applications are being released in the market is not something that too many people could have anticipated. What was a novelty yesterday very quickly turns into an outdated artefact within a matter of months. Then a new novelty comes into the market and everyone rushes to buy that quickly forgetting the applications that had served them so well till that moment.


But one is not just talking about the major mechanical tools and computer applications with regard to scientific accomplishment. Take a look at all the simple things. Imagine a world without electricity. Nothing would work. It was in the 1700s that Ben Franklin studied electricity and introduced the world to a new power source, and once Volta had made the first battery, human life had been irrevocably altered. Over the years, the human race has built up a steadily increasing knowledge about electricity. The way societies and countries now use electricity, is far more advanced than in those primitive initial eras. Any country that does not have access to non-stop electrical power is instantly considered backward, and they cannot enjoy the comforts that First World nations do.

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Take a look around the house. Examine what many of the materials there are made from. Find anything in common? It is an easy guess, isn’t it? Yes, plastic. The first plastic products emerged in the early 1900s, and today as we enter the middle years of the 21st century, we find that a world without plastic is unimaginable. The amount of plastic that is used around the world is so much that it has now started having serious consequences for the human race. Conservationists are now starting to advice people not to use plastic so that the world may be saved from its harmful side effects.

One field that has made massive strides is medicine. It has completely changed the very nature of humanity itself. People are living longer. They are looking younger. Broken bones are easily fixed. Faces are altered beyond recognition. Diseases are being cured quickly and easily. There are different kinds of doctors for different parts of the body. Some doctors treat the eyes, some the teeth, and some take care of the legs. There are even doctors for the mind. In a way our excellent health has also had its side effects. The world is now seriously over-populated, and people have started to wonder if the earth can take this burden.

Thinking about over-population brings us to one of the most important areas where science has played a hand since the dawn of human civilisation, agriculture. Without science it would have been impossible to feed this large gathering of humanity, and for that alone we must be grateful to the miracles that scientists and inventors have given us.

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