Relieve Stress and Experience Peace

In your fast paced life and stressful lifestyle, do you ever wonder why you never get to smell the roses? It is a question that you may have to ask yourself at some point in time, involuntarily if not voluntarily. When you start to get the feel that things are not going your way and negative thoughts overpower your mind, make sure you take a break and try to cut down on the stress. Some simple ways to beat the stress go a long way in making you feel good.

Observe and ponder over things that do not matter much, simply sit outside a mall and observe the people that go in and out of the doors. You will surely find something of interest in the observation, if not anything, you will at least pacify your brain from working overtime over stressful matters.

Paint or doodle, bring pen to paper and juts scribble your heart out. This is one method that is extremely therapeutic and you never know, you may strike a hidden talent, something that you had never discovered in your busy life.

Sit by a window and hum your favourite tune. Almost everyone listens to music, but the real fun is when you are able to practice your own vocal chords and refresh your brain.

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Read a fairy tale or a children’s book, this is something that not too many people do, but the truth is that light reading triggers the happiness quotient in life and transports you back to the happy days of your childhood.

Dance to a tune, not like a pro but just shake your leg. This practice is not just for stress relief but it also helps shed kilos, who wouldn’t like that!

Stress is something that we create for ourselves. The only way to rid yourself of it is to take initiatives that are different yet simple and worthy of practice once in a while.

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