Read failure stories and create success story

Life is too short to commit mistake and then learn from it…sounds self-seeking, but it’s true. Opportunity knocks once and that too if is wasted by committing mistakes, then what are we left with? Absolutely nothing, or else say one has to wait for an anonymous period of time with an aim to fly high. Thus, it’s better to learn from failure stories of others and create a success story of yours.

Success stories only inspire and motivate us with flowery achievements, whereas failure stories show the way to walk on the thorns, face all challenges and accomplish our dreams. Furthermore, may it be a success or failure story one thing is common in both “the hard work”. There is no short cut to success and hard work is the only way to achieve it. The only difference is when hard work is done in the right form and in the right direction along with a pinch of the luck factor, it creates a success story otherwise the effort goes in vain and results into failure story. However, what is missing or what left to be considered that leads your effort unrewarding? Also, how one can gather all that strength to build up their shattered dreams once again? A failure story solves all the knots that bind success 

  • Shiv Khera – Shiv Khera one of the motivational writers was alleged for plagiarism after the publication of his book “Freedom is not free”. Later he was dragged to court; he presented all his research work that he collected while reading in the court, but all were considered to be lame. However, he continued writing and revising despite all the controversies and his books are bestselling motivational books now.
  • Amitabh Bachaan – Mega star Big B was once rejected from a radio station after giving an audition for radio jockey on the basis that his voice is not meeting the standard they are expecting from a radio jockey. However, as known by all, that Mr. Bachaan is known by his extraordinary voice and acting today due to his continuous efforts and dedication towards his roles.
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui – Born and brought up in a farmer’s family in U.P. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, was just a chemist in his place. But, being ambitious and interested in acting, he moved to Mumbai and tried his luck in films. However, the path was not smooth for him, but he kept trying in small roles and finally got a break from Peepli live.

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Thus, no matter from which ground you are, all that is important is keep working and never lose hope, success will be yours definitely.

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