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Summary: Find the best medical care in your city is now easy. Just log on to to search for the best IVF doctor in Gurugram or the most recommended and best plastic surgeon in Delhi NCR or the best dermatologist in Gurugram.

One can go crazy with the recommendations that your friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbors freely give when you seek their advice on “who should I go to?”. Well meaning no doubt, but confusing nevertheless, you will have a long list of names before you to choose from. And now for you, the question about “who should I go to” becomes more complex than when you started out. Medical symptoms notwithstanding, your state of mind as you find it hard to crack the dilemma of putting your faith and trust on one name, adds to your physical pain.

At this time, you probably turn to the internet as you do with all your problems. First you make a list of symptoms and search on them. Horror of horrors, your symptoms probably fit with most of what you read from the not-so-serious to rare diseases. Your next search is probably for a doctor who is the most recommended in your area for the part of the body where you think you might be having a problem with – like say kidneys or liver. The results that your preferred search engine throws at you is probably just as helpful as your friends and family. So you are back to square one.

So how difficult is it to find the best IVF doctor in Gurugram? Its a city like most others with several reputed fertility clinics and yet you are going out of your mind in trying to visit the one place that will give you that bundle of joy you and your spouse have been longing for. That couple you know through your sister-in-law had their baby with help from a fertility clinic. They gush about their doctor and how good the clinic has been for them.  Yet you have doubts that it may not work for you.
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It is even harder to find the right doctor for you when it comes to specialities that aren’t as common as say nephrology or neurology. The skin is just as good an organ as any other, in fact, the one that has the largest size and is equally prone to illnesses. Could be that painless patch on your skin which is not looking good, or even that irritating itchy rash that isn’t going away. You want to go to the best dermatologist in Gurugram, but who do you go to is again the big question.

As far as a decade ago, plastic surgery was not as big as it has become today in India. With the increased awareness about plastic surgeries, the inhibitions surrounding it have reduced paving way for cosmetic surgeries to join mainstream medicine. However, for the patient, the question about who to go to remains unchanged.

Wouldn’t it be good if there was one place that had the answer to our this one question? Looking for the best plastic surgeon in Delhi NCR? No problem. Here are the top few names you can consult in your region or across the country should you choose to. MedikReview aims to do just that – bubble up the best and most recommended doctors who have the highest rate of success in treating their patients. You can read what the patients have to say about their treatment and how high they have rated the services of a doctor. Thanks to MedikReview for helping to find an answer to the one question that you don’t have to ask anymore.

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