Nature Unleashes her Fury

There are times when nature inflicts her fury on man just to prove that while mankind has acquired mastery over many things, he has not mastered the elements. It does not matter whether one lives in a poor country, or one lives in a rich country in Northern Europe; everybody is helpless in front of nature. From the shores of Britain to the canals of Amsterdam, from the fields of France to the ports of Scandinavia, everyone suffered as a massive storm ravaged the cities and tore through the countryside.

Passengers spent anxious hours waiting for their flights as airports were closed and planes were grounded. Trees collapsed in crowded urban areas causing the deaths of young and old alike. It is however quicker and order 50mg viagra check out over here cost effective as compared to its branded version. The device is recommended by doctors for correcting curvature in generic cialis canadian penis and spiral-shaped calluses on the penis. You may simply stop using viagra cheap india these pills on a regular basis for two to three months for the best results. There must be no excess dosage of such drug products to keep away canada pharmacy viagra from people with negative mindset. Electricity grids failed, engulfing cities in darkness and leaving homes to function under the light of dim candles. Fierce winds lashed the seas and raised the waves high in the air causing ferries to be held prisoners at their ports. The storm on the twenty-eighth of October is one of the worst recorded in the last two decades causing loss of lives and incalculable cost in infrastructural damage. A week later, life in the region is slowly limping back to normal, battered and bruised, but still standing.

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