Major services affected by a U.S. government shutdown

Within the U.S., several government agencies and operations run on the funding provided by the government. When such a situation occurs in which the Congress fails to pass legislation regarding the issuance of these funds, it leads to a funding gap and the government is forced to announce a shutdown. Thus, the inactive executive branch of the government affects a large number of non-essential services in the U.S.

The same kind of government shutdown recently happened in the country, and it led to a breakdown of operations for several government departments and services. One of the major services affected by the shutdown was the Department of Defense. Nearly half of the civilian workforce of this department stopped its work on account of shutdown. Similarly, some employees of the Department of Energy were also sent on furloughs, as they could not be paid during the shutdown period.
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The other affected service departments included the Department of Commerce, Department of Transportation, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of Education, and Department of Health and Human Services. Apart from these services, the U.S. Postal Service, national parks, and museums and galleries were also negatively affected by the shutdown. Thus, a U.S. government shutdown not only affects various government employees who remain unpaid during this period, but also affects the public or consumers of these suspended services.

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