Look how India is a Paradise for Tourists

India, a land of diversity, is a paradise for tourists. The abundance of mountain ranges with diverse national parks opens plenty of opportunities for eco-tourism and trekking. The cultural landscape bringing different tribal festivities from central India to the Northeast of the nation captivates those coming for the travel tales to India.


The country’s sheer size also promises something for everyone.  Nature has showered the country with abundant gifts and eventually, India has come up as country which is a tourist’s paradise.

Nature exists at its best in India. Even the humanity presents itself in a creative burst of cultures and religions, races and tongues. Each aspect of the nation presents itself on a massive and exaggerated scale.

What makes it a paradise for tourists in real terms is the vast stretch of Kashmir valley which is also known as the heaven on earth. With terrain varying from arid mountains in the far north to the lake country and forests near Srinagar and Jammu, Kashmir has been appealing all since many decades.

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The county also shares the credit of being the favorite spot for avid travellers. Each state speaks of a unique blend of nature and development. It is this USP which holds both tradition and modern ways of life together. Being the land of diverse variety, India provides an exceptional experience to the traveller and it’s very true that this experience could be felt only in India.

No matter whether it is North, South, East or West, there is something for all tourists visiting here. While the country is separated from Asia by mighty Himalayas, it is surrounded by huge Bay of Bengal in the east. There is the Arabian Sea in the west while the Indian Ocean falls to the south.

The Himalaya range form is the highest in the world, while extending 2,500 km over northern India.

There are three parallel ranges, the Himadri, Himachal and Shivaliks with deep canyons gorged by the rivers flowing into the Gangetic plain. They are bounded by the Indus River in the west and the Brahmaputra in the east.

And hence, with all such heavenly gifts, India has been winning a million hearts as a tourist destination.

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