Leadership Is An Art and Not A Profession

So, the leadership is mainly defined as the remarkable quality of a person at a workplace who leads a large team size or an organization. This earmark is the main decisive feature that usually takes your professional career to a whole new level. To lead, as per the popular belief, means you have to manage people, their work, behavior, attitude, and so on! But this post is not simply about paying ear to what your boss tells you about your management and leadership skills! There is something more for you here:

To lead, to grow- Not self, but the team!
If you have been tagged as a “team leader”, do not mess this tag and force your team member to perform extraordinarily well and give you tons of work completed by the end of the day! You can anyway let the work done by any means but at the cost of hatred and resistance from the team.

Leadership is not about the compulsion put up on people to do a particular at a particular time. It is about letting the other people grow along with you both personally and professionally.
If you manage time well, teach them how they can do it. If you are able to handle the work pressure, direct them how to do it, if they feel sceptical about their skills, motivate and polish their skills. And all these things would take time. You have to take time, and invest it on your team. But then, work may get compromised a little but it can be exceptionally well once you have lead the path for your team!


Not the titles, but the art counts!
Whenever you feel as if I have got the title as a team leader, my salary has been given a hike,
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The title doesn’t mean that one has got the liberty to rule. If one has been given the
privileged to be called as a senior executive or a team leader, it doesn’t mean that he has reached up to the level of threshold. There are many people out there who have experience of more than ten years who lead their colleagues very well without having any title. See, this is the art! And this art cannot be learned if one is lost underneath the title of “Team leader”. One never stops to grow, learn and execute. To become a ruler, you must learn to rule yourself first. And at the workplace, you can never be a ruler if you’ve stopped learning, and committing mistakes.

Management is not the leadership
The management skills are not be confused with the leadership skills. When you manage, you ensure the smooth flow of information from one team member to the other, you make decisions on their behalf, you bear the responsibility of getting the work done at any cost, you track the deadlines, and the quality of work. But when you lead, you teach them how the time-management skills, assist them in their pursuit, help them evolve into a responsible, and a world-class person. You not only focus on their professional development but also the personal development.



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  1. A leader creates a vision for future and motivates people to meet his vision.

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