Is there a major hurricane season in the U.S.?

Although hurricanes keep storming several U.S. states during different months of the year, there is a particular season that invites high-intensity hurricanes. History indicates that most of the highly damaging hurricanes have struck the U.S. during October and early November. The season starts with the formation of hurricanes in late May or June, but this Atlantic hurricane season officially goes on until the end of November.

More than 99% of all tropical hurricanes appear during this official season. The National Hurricane Center usually keeps a watch on cyclones during this time and also keeps issuing warnings as and when required. The major hurricanes appearing in the Atlantic are counted as Category 3 storms or higher. Since 1851, nearly three-fourths of the total number of Category 3 hurricanes has formed during August or September while hitting the country during October or November.
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The direct hit of most hurricanes has taken place in the month of October, with the latest being Sandy. Thus, the possibility of a major hurricane striking the country becomes lower as we move toward the end of a year. Knowing about the hurricane season helps people remain on alert a month or two before the storm actually attacks.

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