Industrial or Home Air Coolers? Look for These Considerations Before Making the Purchase

Whether you are purchasing an industrial air coolers or a room cooler for your home, there are many obvious benefits of choosing the right brand. Consider that the following types of air coolers are available in the market- portable as well as mobile.

industrial air cooler

Portable coolers are small units which are compact. They are perfect for decreasing room temperature. An additional benefit is that they supply the much required humidity as well. These coolers have tank capacity of around 25 litres and price range is from INR 4000/- onwards.

Mobile coolers are more advantageous as these can be used for bigger spaces. They can be used in storerooms, garages, warehouse, or even outside terrace or ratio. These coolers have double the capacity of portable coolers, but then they are also double the cost!

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Pads are also available in the market including rigid media and fibre pads. While fibre pads are made of artificial fibre, the problem with this type of cooler is that it needs more replacement and better maintenance as against rigid media pads. But when it comes to the cost factor, fibre pads score. Considering that you will have to pay good money for maintenance, weigh the risks and rewards carefully before making a choice between the two.

air coolerCertain models of industrial and room coolers allow you to get variable speeds. This type of industrial air cooler is special because you can actually control your cooler’s fan speed. Even when the temperature falls, this cooler detects it and slows down the speed. Some room or air coolers even come equipped with electrostatic on-offs that are automatic leading to saving it from getting overheated. Certain models have an in built water level regulation and monitoring mechanism and the water level automatically stops or prevents it from flooding or anything like that. This feature is linked with the principle of flotation. Another important feature to consider while purchasing an air cooler is the extent of its cooling power. If your room is smaller, you will need simpler models. But as the size of the room increases, your cooling requirements will also change. Therefore it is essential to control the level of power in the cooler if you want optimal solutions for your home or office.

Finally, another feature you need to consider while buying a cooler is the castors or wheels at the bottom. These should be mobile and flexible enough for movement across varied terrains. So, when you are buying an air cooler, study the market carefully and make the wise choice!

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