How to Save Environment from Plastic Waste

Witnessing huge piles of debris on grounds in India is very common, and most of it is plastic. Every year tons of plastic waste is produced by industries that are dumped into oceans. It is deteriorating environment by piecemeal. Now is the time to take certain steps to prevent the environment from the plastic waste.

Stop buying bottled water

This is the hardest habit to shake off. If you are on a tour, you should carry filtered water in a steel bottle from your home. A Swedish company is researching on the energy-efficient water filtration technology that would increase the accessibility to filtered water at tourist spots. However, if you consume bottled water, you should not throw empty bottles on roads. Instead, sink them into dumpsters.  

Use paper bags

Paper bags are eco-friendly as compared to plastic bags. Since they don’t last for a long time and are delicate, people don’t like to use them. If you are also not comfortable with using paper bags, you should use reusable or fabric bags. This will reduce the consumption of plastic bags, and eventually, the production of plastic bags will also go down.

Food delivery
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Many restaurants deliver food in plastic bags. They should be encouraged to use disposable plates and spoons, which are eco-friendly products. In fact, many companies, considering the importance of sustainable development, are using low-cost bamboo products instead of plastic ones.

Get involved

Being dependent upon companies for making eco-friendly products and curbing down the production of plastic goods is not enough. You should also step up to the plate. Most of the time, the govt runs cleanup campaigns in which you should take participate and render voluntary cleanings services.

Other things to follow

Try to buy in bulk amount to avoid collection of plastic bags. Use a big fabric bag to carry all purchased items. When you take dry-cleaned clothes, request your dry cleaner to pack that in your zipped bag instead of plastic bag.

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