How to Get Work as a Freelancer

Becoming a freelancer is a great way to break the shackles of unemployment that keeps your anxiety level high and self-esteem low. In today’s world, freelancing has become the most prominent way to earn money – no matter you are a regular employee or not. If you are looking forward to getting a freelance job, here are the tips that can set you in motion.

Decide Your Niche

If you have just entered freelancing, you can be ready to work on any project that you find as you are passionate about earning money. However, as you go deeper into freelancing, you will start being more specific about your projects. You should target one area of specialisation and hone your skills in that particular field only. Just think from a client’s perspective – why will he hire you if you are a jack of all trades? Another benefit is that you can charge a handsome amount of money for your specialised service.

Be Clear about Your Services

One of the most essential things to do at the beginning stage of a freelancing career is to decide what you’ll do and what you won’t do. It will help you brand yourself in a direction where you want to move in your career, and you will get work of your particular interest.

Create Your High-end Portfolio
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Always remember the first impression is the last impression. A portfolio is the first thing that clients would like to review. You should make a portfolio site that should showcase your skills and expertise, highlight your work experience, and your contact details. The main purpose of sharing portfolio with clients is to convince them to choose you. Therefore it’s worth investing time in deciding what to be mentioned in the portfolio.

Learn How to Pitch Yourself

To get a project from a client through freelancing, just jotting down your skills in a portfolio is not enough. You should also know that how to communicate your skills and strengths and turn prospects into paying clients. You should strategise how smartly you will convince clients to pick you from the crowd of freelancers. Add those work samples in your portfolio that demonstrate your expertise. Your portfolio should include excellent work that will captivate clients and tempt them to shortlist you.

Don’t Mix Your Regular Job Priorities with Freelancing Job

Since you have got a freelance job, you shouldn’t do anything that might jeopardise your full-employment. Don’t breach any contract and agreement that you have signed with your employer. Don’t spend your office hours in freelance work because you still need it to sustain you while you have started your freelance business on the side.

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