How to Do Postgraduate or Postdoctoral Research in the US

Are you a UK student who is planning to undertake research work in the US but has no idea on how to initiate the process? Now, it is time to gain some more knowledge on it so you may move ahead on your plans. To give you the right direction, there are a few ways through which you can actually complete your research project in the US at either the postgraduate or the postdoctoral level. Check out the following ways to begin this process.

Applying as a visiting or non-degree seeking student

This is a direct way to apply for admission in a US university for completing one’s research work. Use either the visiting or the non-degree seeking student status. This arrangement not only helps you in completing your postgraduate coursework, but also allows you access to the facilities provided by a university or department for research students. You receive the same access that a degree-seeking student would have. While you apply as a visiting student, you pay the same tuition fee that is paid by a degree-seeking student for this course. In addition, you should be ready to submit your plan of study, transcript, recommendation letter and personal statement during the admission process.

Applying as a visiting scholar or fellow
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If you are already holding a PhD degree, then you may coordinate with a US university for an arrangement. This can be done on your own or through some type of exchange programs. You apply either as a visiting scholar or as a fellow who is interested in consulting or further research. Under this arrangement, you receive access to the university’s research facilities just like a regular faculty member. For an arrangement, you may also network with some researchers who are based in the US. However, there are some defined criteria to do that. As a visiting scholar, you should be able to fund your research on your own or through an external agency.

Apply under a joint degree program

If you need to conduct research at the Master’s degree level, then you may also make use of a joint degree program between a US and a UK university. Such type of joint programs are usually conducted by various universities based in the US and UK. Under such a program, you receive a degree from both the involved institutions. Thus, you may secure a US visa now if you are ready to apply for any such research program.

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