How to Choose the Right Location for Setting Up a Company in Dubai

When it comes to doing business in Dubai, the first and foremost thing which you need to consider is choosing the right location. Dubai has gradually managed to free its economy and offer a wide array of options to the businesses and service industry alike, rather than just being dependent on the oil industry. This is the reason today Dubai is attraction large numbers of real estate owners and business owners from all across the world. Many of the businesses are even setting up their headquarters in Dubai for effectively managing their business from the Middle East.

Now, when you have decided towards business setup of professional license in Dubai, you need to make a crucial decision, i.e. selecting the apt location for your business.

Consider the points:

  • Do you require an office in a convenient location for receiving large amount of customers?
  • Does your business permit to work from home or any other location which may not be customer friendly?

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If you are planning to work from home, you may not require any office. But if you want an office wherein you will be employing people and inviting clients, it is advisable to search for a nice office in a central location with good transportation facility in close proximity. If you are planning to set up a manufacturing or trade business, you can select a location near a port.

Make Careful Selection of the Location

Consider the following tips:

  • It is vital to make careful selection of the location. Dubai is easy accessible by car. But if you are planning to hire employees, you need to consider their convenience as well. All of your employees may not own their personal vehicle. So, it is recommended to choose your business location that can be easily accessible to metro or other public transport like bus.
  • The summers in Dubai are extremely hot and your employees may not be able to walk long distances.
  • Additionally, you need to ensure that the parking space is enough for all your employees to conveniently park their car.
  • If you are planning to remain in the same office for years, you need to check that there is no recent construction planned in the location that will make the traffic messy.
  • Remember the fact that visas are allocation on the basis of the amount of floor space you purchase or rent. If you are planning to hire large number of employees, make sure to choose a place or office promising significant floor space.
  • If you are planning business setup of professional license in Dubai in free zone, you will require renting a warehouse or office space as per the law. You can even share space with other entrepreneurs.

Finally, when you are choosing the location and have finalized a place, ensure negotiating a long term rental contract for preventing have to move your office in just a couple of years. Discuss and finalize the rent and select the apt place for your business setup!

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