How to Choose Right IIT JEE Coaching?

Coaching institutes help to prepare students for competitive examinations. Their primary parameter other than high performance is to track the record of success through the number of selections and top ranks. As an aspirant, you should be aware of everything before choosing your coaching institute for assurance. We have analysed the results of famous IIT coaching institutes in Delhi. Get some help and information from them:

Qualification Percentage of students from IIT coaching institutes in Delhi

JEE Mains: 16.1% students qualified JEE Advanced, and the actual percentage of students who got the seats is 2.1%.

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JEE Advanced: 32% students qualified JEE advanced, and the actual Selection percentage is 7%.

Performance of students of IIT coaching institutes increased

JEE Advanced and JEE Mains: Growth in the performance of students from coaching institutes’ percentage.

You can get a basic idea of successful IIT coaching institutes in Delhi by analysing the information and data mentioned above. Choose your institute after spending some time to attain all the necessary details about the IIT coaching institutes in Delhi.

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