How is bugging Obamacare

The U.S. President, Barack Obama, came up with a new healthcare reform for the nation in 2010. Commonly known as Obamacare, this new act makes it mandatory for all American citizens to purchase medical insurance covers through various online health insurance exchanges. While the government is preparing well to meet the pre-set 2014 deadline to enforce this law, people are doubtful about the achievement of this target.

The major reason contributing to people being skeptical about the whole issue is the bugging website, which would host the network of health insurance exchanges. This website is going to act like a marketplace for health coverage. However, it has remained quite disorganized since the time of its launch. Non-cooperation from a few governors has made its operations more complex. On one hand, some authorities are blaming the contractors for this bugged site; while on the other hand, health officials are being made the culprit.
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It is being said that the concerned health officials are improperly supervising the working of Additionally, it is being claimed by the contractors that the whole system was not tested timely by health officials, which led to a funds delay to contractors. They are also blaming the health officials to have made last-minute changes to the visitor registration process. This blame game might continue, but the fact is that such multiple problems with site operations are really bugging Obamacare.

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