How Employers Use Social Media for Talent Attraction in 2015

In the modern digital world, one cannot neglect social media in any sphere of life. Ranging from marketing the products to connecting with prospective clients, companies want to gain as much advantage of social platforms as possible. However, employment practices or recruitment through the social media has now started picking up as a trend of the year.

For a long time, employers had been using the traditional methods of recruitment and talent attraction. Now, they have been feeling the need to utilize social platforms for better connectivity and contact with candidates. They have started searching for relevant candidates through professional platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. In fact, such social media are becoming the way to sell their firms and vacancies to relevant and talented people.

Since recruitment is not a one-way process of investigating the skills and abilities of candidates, it is also important for employers to display their brand to prospective employees. Thus, they have started reaching such candidates through social media and have been highlighting their firms as effective workplaces. Through these platforms, they receive the chance to promote their brand and engage some able candidates who may fit their values and jobs.

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In 2015, employers have additionally been creating suitable content for each social platform. They have been investing more in social media so an effective response from candidates may be received. However, it also depends on the kind of industry an employer belongs to. Employers from more digitally oriented industries are making higher use of social media to attract talent.

Various surveys conducted on a range of employers reveal that the trend of using social media has been increasing, but many employers are still not maintaining an active presence there. In fact, nearly half of them do not even bother to measure their social media effectiveness. Therefore, a turn toward social media for recruitment is being seen but without much planning and strategizing.