How Does Hyperbaric Treatment Works?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is given to a person if he is suffering from the exposure of the scuba diving, is a patient of decompression sickness, suffering from severe infection, have bubbles of air in blood and untreatable wounds that does not heal either due to high sugar level in the blood or because of any radiation therapy he has undergone. In hyperbaric oxygen therapy 100% oxygen is breathed under highly pressurized condition where air pressure is increased by almost three times more than the normal air pressure. At this point of time the capacity of lungs increases to fill up more air in it.

hyperbaric oxygen therapy

The mechanism of hyperbaric oxygen treatment in India is based on the hemoglobin being saturated when 100% oxygen under pressure is passed. When oxygen dissolves in the blood it becomes hyper-oxygenated. This increases oxygen pressure in hypoxic tissue. White blood cell activities increases at the wound site, amount of edema also increases the vasoconstriction.

Cytotoxix effects of carbon monoxide and hypoxia related to cyanide poisoning gets blocked. The entire processes results into acceleration of blood vessels and nerve endings in the wounded tissues. Two chambers are there Type A multiplace and Type B monoplace for administering oxygen into the patient. Either of the types or both of them together can be used in dive injuries, routine wound care and treatment of patients who are on ventilator or are in critical care unit.

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A multiplace chamber is capable of treating multiple patients at the same time. It is measured that a multiplace chamber is pressured up to six atmospheric pressure and patients breathe through oxygen mask or tight fitting plastic hood. Also, a mixture of different varieties of gas is given to the required patients all the equipments are kept inside the chamber and then the patient is allowed to inhale the gas either through oxygen mask or through plastic hood.

A monoplace chamber is capable of treating only one patient at a time. Patient has to lie down in reclining position and the 100% oxygen gas is given to him. Equipment is kept outside the chamber.

Thus, hyperbaric oxygen treatment gives positive results in many of the chronic cases and disease. Many of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy centers in India are now been running in fully equipped manner and under expert doctors. Mainly national capital and metropolitans are grooming in the field of hyperbaric oxygen therapy centers in India. These centers check the patient’s problem and treat them according to their requirement. Patients of wound healing issues require more number of hyperbaric oxygen therapy nearby 30, thus they are treated accordingly, whereas patients of carbon monoxide poisoning require only one or two therapies. Thus, hyperbaric oxygen therapy centers in India are worth facilitating to the patients.

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