How CGI has Changed the Way Movies are Made

CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery, and it has changed the way that movies are made, the way stories are told and the entire manner in which filmmaking is approached.

If it were not for CGI then many of the movies that gross billions of dollars at the box office and earn the fan following of film aficionados all over the world would probably never have gotten made. Even if they did get made, the special effects would be so bad that it would spoil the story and make the viewer want to leave the theatre halfway through the show.

Thanks to CGI we are able to explore the realms of deep space in the movies, we are able to bring long extinct dinosaurs back to life on film, and we are able to make cars, trains and planes do unimaginable stunts for the sake of telling a story. The science fiction genre would never have the reached the heights it has achieved were it not for the brilliance of software experts and tech wizards slaving away for years behind the scenes.

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When robots come to life on screen or when a car chase scene is particularly thrilling you see the looks on the faces of the audience and you can tell that they are caught up in this make believe world. That is because the effects are so real that you literally leave reality behind and start imagining yourself as part of the fictional universe.

3D movie making has added a new dimension to the way that films are seen, and this allows filmmakers to add more reality to improbable storylines. Most film buffs would never get a chance to meet the animators who make all these dreams come true. But it is thanks to these CGI experts that our movie dreams have become bolder and wilder.

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