How Bollywood can make you a globetrotter?

Are you a Bollywood freak? Do you love watching movies endlessly? Do you engage in the beauty of places where there have been film shoots? If yes, you too are among those who think that films are forcing them to become globetrotters.  Here are the 5 films that are sure to have created a thrill in one’s mind and heart to visit the place of shoot once in the lifetime.


  1. Highway: Highway, directed by Imtiaz Ali, beautifully reels the remote Sangla valley in Himachal Pradesh. The film drives you over the Aru valley and Chandanwari near Pahalgam. Further, scenes are also shot along the road highways of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab. The collection of vistas are enthralling enough to inspire you to drop everything else you’re doing and venture out on a road trip.
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  3. Dil Chahta Hai: This film basically defines the ‘epitome of coolness’. It also presents a road trip Goa which is THE thing to do with your closest friends! It boosts the spirit to drive down to the coastal town with friends and have fun with them.
  4. Barfi: Darjeeling, a city which has always been considered beautiful, has been adorable in Barfi. The movie convinces us to pack our bags and head to this remarkable hill-station! The hill-station’s misty mornings, muddy slopes and beautifully fenced pathways appeal all.
  5. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: In this film, like Ranbir’s character, every viewer now wants to travel the world. However, the movie gives a final message that India is awesome and therefore, his heart finally ties him to India. The dense forests sparkling in their white glory, Gulmarg’s snow-clad peaks give a thrill to adventure travellers. These spectacular Himalayan landscapes inspired many folks to grab their backpacks and visit the daunting treks.
  6. Jab We Met: This film whistles from the bustling city of Mumbai on a train. It starts from railway tracks reeling to the hills of Himachal. In between, it snakes through the roads of Manali and Shimla. Thereafter, it also takes you to the rural town of Bhatinda.

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