Highly Recommended: Avoid These 11 Words While Writing Resume

We all know the fact that a resume is all about boasting and posing your good impression in front of the recruiter. But have you ever imagined that when you update your resume or even make a new one, you ought to overuse some superfluous words which we think should be avoided and highly recommend you to follow our advice. Here are some empty, clichéd and highly annoying words which you shouldn’t use on your resume and even the HR folks won’t want you to:

Responsible For
This word followed by a list of accomplishments would show over boasting and lack of sense of inspiration. Use ‘led’, ‘managed to’, ‘brought out’, ‘convinced’ to etc. instead which looks digestible.

This is an unnecessary word even on the cover letters shows a sense of bluffing; rather prove your hard work in the ‘experience’ section with the time limit.

Seasoned Player/Worker
No, this immediately gets an image of a pizza in our heads too. So let alone this old word from your resume.

References Available Of Request
No! You don’t wait for them to ask for references! You just mention a couple of them.

Try to avoid using acronyms in your resume. If at all you want to use them make sure you have the full forms written with the brackets. Like if you are mentioning BSE, write (Bombay Stock Exchange)

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You don’t say these aloud on the resume. You prove it to them in the interview or after you get selected.

I, We, Me, Our, etc
Pronouns are a no, no in the resume. Instead using affirmative sentences would work.

Your resume will automatically churn out that information. You don’t need to announce that.

Team Player
You don’t play with a team, you ‘analyze’, ‘strategize’ or ‘work together’ as a team. Yes, you do play along, but the term you are looking for won’t be ‘team player’.

Dynamic Personality
Again, this is the recruiter to decide when the moment you enter the room for an interview if you are dynamic or subtle. Of course which won’t be reflected in the passport sized photo you provided.

Finally, Salary Negotiable
People often think that this puts them into a ‘good impression’ zone, but then it doesn’t sound so well when it comes to analyzing your capability. You are there face-to-face to negotiate; you don’t announce it in your resume. So avoid this in your resume.

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