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If you observe the global patterns and statistics related to the Noble Prize, then you will notice a wonderful history of it. Did you know that the world of Nobel Prize also has a superpower of its own? Well, read on to know which country leads the race for this prestigious prize.

Considering the total number of Noble laureates in the history of this prize, the United States (U.S.) tops the chart with 347 winners. This can be regarded as a remarkable achievement by this country. You will find that some of the countries do not even own a single Noble laureate. At the second rank, Britain also seems to be way behind the superpower with 120 Noble winners. The tally further includes Germany with 104 and France with 65 winners.
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The U.S. has recently added another feather to its cap by receiving three Noble prizes in the field of economics. Since the establishment of this prize in 1901, this superpower has grabbed a major share out of a total of 1,000 Nobles that were awarded. Thus, the overall picture clearly shows that the U.S. and Europe have always been leading the global scene of the Noble prize.

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