Golden Opportunities in Oman and Saudi Arabia

As nature as bestowed abundant Oil, and natural Gas resources in Oman, the demand for greater skilled manpower has been on the rise continuously in the region.

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Oman has one of the highest GDP per capita in the world and its Oil and Gas resources have been attributing immensely in the economic growth. Suntech Engineers & Contractors are uniquely positioned as licensed manpower recruitment agency in Oman, with a proven track record of recruiting skilled as well as specialized technicians and engineers. They offer transparent and stringent recruitment services to meet the requirement of growing manpower with skilled labor.

There is a huge demand of marine and civil engineers in Oman as they help in construction and maintenance of oil refineries. The underwater oil extraction and rigs require skilled marine engineers to come up with state-of-the-art solution. As the country is growing at a fast pace, the demand for engineers and bankers in Oman is increasing in a breakneck speed.

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As the number of expatriate population increase, Oman has embarked on strengthening, it’s education system. Oman is recruiting teachers, professors, researchers and other officials from all round the world. Healthcare system in Oman has led to a constant demands of proficient and experienced doctors and nursing staff.

For the past decade, globalization has prompted Saudi Arabia to invest heavily in infrastructure development. Their foremost efforts has gone in the development of good quality wide roads as they are the key drivers in any economy. The tough weather conditions in the region calls for tougher roads as they are the arteries of the nation. This domain requires individuals to work late and long hours with extreme potential and precision. As it involves working with modern advanced technologically, the safety factor is of uttermost concern. Unlike other industries, this is a recession proof domain where the work and demand continues for 365 days a year.

Top employers from Saudi Arabia have enlisted Suntech Engineers & Contractors for overseas manpower recruitment for Saudi Arabia to recruit top skilled talent from India. Suntech Engineers & Contractors follow a stringent and transparent recruitment process to hire the right talent for the right skills so that it is win-win situation for both worker as well as the employer. The candidates are sincere and hardworking and will prove out to be great assets for the industry as well as the nation. They provide a variety of workforce including skilled highway designed engineers in addition to unskilled laborers.

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