Genes Test May Play an Important Role to Combat Depression

Patients with depression struggle a lot in finding a right antidepressant, but now genes test can help them effectively to combat depression. Many patients complain of side effects such as whirling anxiety, weight gain, and insomnia by antidepressants, and as a result, patients’ conditions become worse, but the genetic test can help identify what particular medication should be prescribed to a patient.

Genetic Test Can Prevent These issues

The genetic test has become a boom in depressed patients. A genetic test uses an individual’s unique DNA to scrutinise how it responds to a particular medication. Scientists believe that genes play a significant role in deciding how individuals react to a certain medication. Though this method has been helpful in battling against depression, this is not the guarantee of a complete resolution of the symptoms and side effects caused by medication.

How Does Genetic test Work?

The genetic test evaluates two vital issues – first is to identify what kind of metabolism for medications you genetically have – and second is to discover what kind of metaboliser will help steer your antidepressant treatment.

There are four types of metaboliser:
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A Poor Metaboliser (PM) – A poor metaboliser means a patient will have more side effects of an antidepressant as it takes a long time to digest. The sluggish process can pose more toxicity risk. With poor metaboliser, you will not only feel side effects but depressions symptoms too.  

An intermediate Metaboliser (IM) – An intermediate metaboliser is a person whose drug metabolism rate is slower than normal. IM patients usually have side effects with medicines and mild toxicity. However, it is not as intensely as poor metabolisers.

An Extensive Metaboliser (EM) –  These metabolisers have effective metabolism, and hence patients get relief with little or no side effects.

An ultrarapid metaboliser (UM) – These metabolisers quickly absorb medicine, and don’t experience any therapeutic effect. As a result, patients get no symptoms relief at all.

Research is still ongoing to evaluate the effectiveness of this test on depressed patients. Scientists need a better understanding of what causes depression to discover new treatments. Till now genetic variants have given clues to discover new strategies to combat depression.

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