Five Easy Steps on How to Hire Saudi Arabia Workers

The hiring process for working in Saudi Arabia comes up with an aim of a straightforward and smooth process. The process starts with the submission of the curriculum vitae and ends with getting employed in Saudi Arabia. On one hand, after the curriculum submission and selection, recruiters will be handling the interview arrangements and on the other hand, the special adviser is appointed for helping in the relocation process.

Recruitment agency in India for Saudi Arabia generally looks for the educated to the degree level or the equivalent, the experienced professionals who not only want to make their own world class but wants to live and enjoy the life of Saudi Arabia. For pursuing a job in Saudi Arabia and living there, one is required to have a secured visa for the country and a resident permit from the government of Saudi Arabia.

  • Application

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Recruitment agencies will post your resume on the company link of Saudi Arabia matching the skill set required by them according to yours. And if it suits, then the organization will ask the applicant to complete an Application Form for the Employment.

  • Interview

Once the application passes the criterion set by the agency hired for the purpose and the employer, applicants will be made to turn up for the face-to-face interview and the recruitment agency in India working for the company in Saudi Arabia will arrange the technical representatives in the same over a video conferencing.

  • Offer

After clearing the recruitment agency gives the written conditional offer of the employment. Offer letter has all the conditions that must be met by the applicant to work in Saudi Arabia with the compensation package given by the employer. Offer letter comes with the detailed salary worksheet.

  • Relocation

After the acceptance of the offer letter, a Relocation Adviser is assigned by the Manpower agency in Saudi Arabia and they will help the applicant in meeting the requirements at the time of processing, in the following steps:

  • Medical exam should be cleared
  • Visa, check or the immigration is required by the embassy of Saudi Arabia, it will be arranged by the Recruitment agency
  • Next comes the shipment of the belongings.
  • Giving the notice to the current employer and flying to Saudi Arabia.
  • Orientation

Recruitment agencies work does not end here, they need to counsel the people as working and living overseas is a big decision and requires orientation. Here, they are made to know about the compensation, benefits and the hiring process.

  • Arrival

At last, is the arrival in the land of Saudi Arabia. Reaching the office of the recruiter an identification card and the information regarding the local orientation will be given. Many companies provide a separate Recruitment Division for meeting the new hires. The same will take the charge as soon as the employee lands in Saudi Arabia and will care till your accommodation.

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