Evidence of Water on Mars

Finding evidence of water on Mars is one of the greatest discoveries of the century and it is fueling up the chances of life on the Martian terrain.


Almost a decade ago, the Mars Global Surveyor of NASA snapped the pictures of water bursting through a gully wall and it seemed like that water had flowed around the rocky debris on Mars. Further research confirmed the possibility of water on the red planet when in the year 2011, the high resolution cameras on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter set by NASA took pictures that seemed little streams flowing down crater walls during late spring and early autumn. The scientists gave these flows a name “recurring slope lineae”.

The researchers assume that during summer months on Mars, liquid water flows down crater walls and canyon. The drops of water have left long and dark stain on the Red Planet. The various captured images show that the cliffs and the vertical walls of valleys and basins of Martian terrain are marked with summer time water flow.

But from where the water is coming from? What is the source of water on Mars? Well, scientists are not very sure of the source of water on the Red Planet, yet they are assuming of three probabilities.

  • First possibility: The first assumption of the scientists is that there are porous rocks under the surface of Mars that holds frozen water. This iced water melts down during summer time and oozes up to the surface level.
  • Second possibility: It is assumed that highly concentrated saline aquifers are scattered around as saturated volumes of hard rock under the Martian surface. This assumption can be suitable for explaining the cause of water flow in some areas but, it definitely doesn’t justify the reason for water flowing from top of crater walls.
  • Third possibility: Scientists assume that there are salts on the surface of the planet that absorb water from the environment. They accumulate so much of water inside that finally they flow easily. This process is known as ‘deliquescence’ and it is witnessed in Atacama desert as well.

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