Everything You Need to Know About Kidney Transplant – Procedure, Risks & Complications

Kidney transplant has become a common treatment these days compared to a decade or two back. You now have highly experienced surgeons and great facilities to get your kidney transplanted. This surgery involves the transfer of a healthy kidney to the body of someone who needs the kidney transplant surgery. Doctors normally recommend this surgery when the kidney of the person completely fails or is failing to function in the normal state. This is considered as the last stage of renal disease and the kidney is about to fail completely. Temporarily, doctors can start dialysis till the time the transplant is done.

Kidney Transplant


Before everything else, you will need to find the best kidney transplant surgeon in Delhi NCR. There are numerous websites where you will get detailed information about the best doctors in town. In fact, you can book an online appointment as well directly from the same website.

Kidney Transplant

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Once you find a doctor in Delhi you will have to make sure that you get a donor for the kidney. If any of the family members of the patient wishes to donate his kidney, he will have to go through a lot of tests to ensure that he is fit enough to donate his kidney. Depending on the kidney that needs to be transferred, the new kidney will be placed either on the lower left or lower right of the abdomen and the nearby bladder and blood vessels will be connected to that new kidney. To make sure that the patient is urinating properly, the ureter of the new kidney will be attached to the bladder.

Possible risks

One of the main risks that are involved in a kidney transplant is the health of the donor. The person who is donating his kidney should be in good health and he should not be suffering from any disease during the time or prior to the transfer of his kidney. Your donor should not be suffering from any repeated urinary infections or have any hereditary disease such as polycystic kidney disease and such other issues. This will not be suitable for the person who needs the kidney. In fact, there are high chances that if a person who already has health problems donates his kidney, the person who is getting the surgery done will face complications just after the surgery is complete and also in the long run.

Post surgery life

Life after a kidney transplant surgery will be slightly different from the life you used to lead prior to the operation. You will have to be under strict observation and follow the instructions of the doctor. Your diet will be different from before and there will be various other restrictions that you will have to follow.

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