Europe and Asia receive a new connectivity gift from Turkey

Turkey has recently gifted ‘The Marmaray’ to Europe and Asia. If you are wondering about this special gift, let us tell you that it is the name of a sea tunnel that will become a linkage between both these continents. Europe and Asia will now be connected through the world’s first underwater tunnel built to link two continents.

The Marmaray sea tunnel exists nearly 60 meters below the strait called Bosporus. This 8-mile link is a connection between the Asian and European shores of Istanbul. While the tunnel will serve subway commuters for now, it may soon become a connectivity mode for freight trains. The Marmaray tunnel is like a beautiful dream that has been realized to unite the people of two continents.
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Turkey’s gift to these continents is worth 5.5 billion lira. This huge project does not end at an underwater tunnel. It also includes other projects, such as the construction of a bridge, 31-mile canal, mosque and airport, as well as atomic power stations. It is still to be seen how these projects materialize and contribute to Turkey’s development. However, the ancestral dream of the Silk Route between Europe and Asia has surely come to a reality.

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