Entertain Yourself At No Cost

There may be times at the fag end of a month when you are completely drained of all the cash and your cards may all be maxed out. This is the time when you are left with no choice but to retrospect over life and why things go wrong with you. It may be a time when you feel completely in the dumps, but there is a bright side and there are things that you can do to keep yourself entertained until the next pay check materializes and these activities don’t seem too boring to do.


Read: You may have extensive interest in reading but your tendency to unwind with a dance and a drink maybe stopping you from pursuing the subdued activity. With the time on your hand and the hole in your pocket, revive your love for the books and read a good original.

Watch movies: There are those evergreen movies that never fail to entertain, remove all the collections and binge on a movie marathon. There is nothing like a good romantic movie and a tub of popcorn to make you forget the harsh reality of life.

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Cook something up: You may be accustomed to eating out on a weekend and piling up the calories. For a change cook a homemade meal and maybe call over other broke friends and loved ones to share some time with you. For all you know, it may end up to be a blast just like in times when you have the money!

Catch up on cleaning: Your home may be upside down and you may have no time to clean it with all the parties to attend. However, time without money is an opportunity to get your home back in shape, as a re-assurance you may find a few bucks from the old jeans that were buried under the pile of laundry clothes.

Don’t lose heart, because entertainment is free for all.

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