Employee retention services in India

Welcome Aboard! It’s  just a start to create  a strong work force.  Valuable time and money is wasted due to high turnover of employees. The recession has brought enormous change in the global economy. As on date, the environment wherein the organizations operate is to a large extent volatile, uncertain, complex and full of ambiguity. A survey revealed that  65% of employees agreed to  passively or actively in search  for a new job already. People are still not able to come out of the recessionary period. HR professionals of any organization are finding it a big challenge to identify, retain and motivate the top talent of the respect organization. Employees are increasingly expected to meet higher targets, while HR budgets see an increasingly downward trend.

Attracting and recruiting top talent requires time, resources, and capital. On the other hand, all these efforts are in vain if correct employees are not selected and the success of the organization is affected.

Below given are a few approaches which will help retain the employees:

  • Benefit package that is apt for the employees’ requirements should be offered. Proposing a health insurance to benefit the employees, a good life insurance and a plan that will cover all needs after the retirement must be offered also helps holding the employees.
  • Provide some small perks. Small perks like  bagels on Fridays and dry-cleaning pickup and delivery may seem trivial, however are important for better work-life balance.
  • Incentives, games and competitions will help boos employees’ morale. Activities like discussions on issues faced on a daily basis, special incentives, challenges, etc will help employees focused for their jobs.
  • Conduct “stay” interviews. Along with  exit interviews to understand  why an employee is leaving, take views of employees who have stayed longer for reasons they have stayed for a long duration and acknowledge them.
  • Encourage open talks / discussions  between employees and management. Meetings should be organized to welcome talks / discussions to know the grievances between employees and management.
  • Get managers involved. Timely Rewards and Recognitions are mandatory for boost employees morale.
  • Make sure employees know what you expect of them. This might seem very basic however, often in small enterprises, employees have a wide breadth of responsibilities. If the employees are unaware of the expectations from them, it will be difficult to perform and bring out appropriate results.

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