Blending Of Parsi Food in Indian Cuisine

Although Parsi cuisine has been influenced by Iranian, Gujarati, British, it is unique and unlike any other. Parsi food is out of the world and famous for distinctive menus. Parsi cuisine is predominantly non-vegetarian, with meat and eggs practically being a part of every dish. This results in dishes like bottle gourd (lauki) cooked with meat, bhaji dana ma gos (meat cooked along with spinach, methi and peas), okra (bhindi) with meat, kheema (mince) with peas and potatoes. Eggs are also treated similarly to have bheeda par eedu (eggs on okra) or bhaji par eedu (eggs on mixed leafy greens). The quintessential bheja fry is a Parsi delicacy popular all over India.

Dhansak is the best known Parsi dish consisting of several different dals and certain vegetables cooked along with masalas and Meat. It is then served on a bed of caramelized rice along with mince kababs and slices of lime. The rich feel of parsi food tradition can be experienced in Parsi Wedding. On a lighter note, if you happen to ask a Parsi about the wedding he attended, then chances are he may not remember the dress of groom or the bride, but he can give you details of each and every dish the menu and its quality to finer details.

Traditional Patra ni Macchi is fish wrapped in a leaf and is a must in wedding menu. Fillets of fish covered in chutney made of coconut, lemon juice, green chilies, coriander and mint are wrapped in banana leaf and steamed to retain the flavors. Jardaloo Salli Boti is a boneless meat cubes preparation with dried apricots, red vinegar and sugar along with Indian spices.

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Parsi food is characterized by it simple taste and distinct flavor. The dishes are spicy and oily and hence light to the stomach. Dried fruits, rose water and saffron is used commonly ot enhance the flavor and aroma of the recipes. Pomegranates, apricots and dates are used in abundance for garnishing. 

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