Astrological Reasons for Extra Marital Affair

There can be many reasons for an extramarital affair. These reasons could be early marriage, getting married for wrong reasons or with any compulsions, physical dissatisfaction, the mismatch in mental and emotional compatibility, lack of intimacy, boredom, advancement in career or business or for the sake of variety and excitement in life. It may also happen if a person is in love with someone prior to marriage, boredom, peer pressure or even to seek revenge in rare cases.

However, there are astrological reasons for the extramarital affair that has been attributed to the following factors over centuries.

The planet Venus signifies marriage in males, rules emotional love, sensual pleasures and worldly desires whereas the planet Mars rule intense sexual expression, daring and passion for erotic pleasures. Extreme mental tendencies and an unconventional thing of life are designated by Rahu whereas the planet Jupiter controls the marriage for females. Moon has held on the emotional stability, mental tendencies and maintaining harmony with others. The fifth house in the primary indicator of affairs and stands for romance and scandals whereas the seventh houses control harmony in love and marriage. The eighth house indicates sexual attitudes and fantasies including orgasm and secrecy of life. The eighth house decides whether the affair will be physical or not.

Marriage is revered but this must be a feeling shared by both spouses. If one is dedicated but the other partner is open to adultery, the relationship cannot be successful. One determines if their partner is cheating through palmistry or through horoscope analysis. Love and Marriage are two important pillars of one’s life and both these go side by side to ensure a successful family life. But, life is not a bed of roses and there are unknown problems that crop up and wreak havoc in one’s life.

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If the partner is unable to satisfy monetarily, sexually or emotional requirements then he or she has more chances of getting involved in extra marital affairs.

The fact is that in India, the extra marital affairs are not exposed publicly because of the fear towards the society. The extra marital affairs can occur both in arranged marriages and love marriages. In India the problem of extra marital relationship is less when compared to other Countries.

A happy marriage ensures good health, wealth, peace and prosperity in life while a troubled marriage causes hardships at every stage. Everyone is not fortunate enough to be blessed by good marriage with the right partner at the right time. This is where renowned astrologer can make a difference by doing a horoscope analysis of the married couple and identify the flaws and offer solutions to rectify the same.

An astrologer can guide one and show things that are not visible through normal eyes. So consult an Astrologer which will surely improve your relationship

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