A Review on Optifree Express Online

If you’re wearing contact lenses and they need moisture, Optifree Express online is the right solution. This solution is a powerful germ disinfectant that has been designed to take care of your sensitive eyes.

About the Product

Optifree Express is a very popular solution to clean or moisten your contact lenses. The product is also known as Optifree Puremoist online. This solution has been made with an exclusive 2D dual disinfecting formula consisting of two powerful compounds Polyquad and Aldox that helps get rid of microorganisms that lead to eye infection.

Optifree Puremist solution can be used for moistening of daily, extended wear and hydrophilic contact lenses. This solution is effective and safe if your eyes are sensitive to thimerosal. The solution contains sodium chloride and citrate buffer as preservatives.


  • Its powerful ingredients Polyquad and Aldox don’t let microorganisms harbour on your lenses and prevent your delicate eyes from infection.
  • It produces full-day comfort by creating a layer of moisture that acts as a shield to battle against dust particles.
  • This is the number 1 doctor recommended solution to moisten soft and disposable contact lenses.

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  • This is an expensive solution.
  • This is not suitable for those individuals who are allergic to any ingredients found in the solution.

The Use of Optifree Express

You may feel irritation, discomfort and dryness when you wear contact lenses that may eventually cause eye infection. To keep infection at bay, you can use this solution for your lenses. This solution can be used for moistening your disposable and soft hydrophilic lenses while wearing them any time when you feel itching and dryness. Put one to two drops in your eyes and then blink two to three times. If discomfort persists, remove the contact lenses at once and consult your ophthalmologist.  

If you’re allergic to any ingredients used in this solution, you should not use it. To know the list of all ingredients, read the label carefully. If you feel irritation or discomfort, you should discontinue the use of the solution immediately.

To protect your delicate eyes and make the most of the solution, you should always rinse your hands before using the solution. Always store it at room temperature and keep the cap of the bottle tightly closed.

Final Conclusion

Optifree Express is the best solution to maintain the moisture of your contact lenses. This solution is safe to use.

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