A New Spy Controversy from the East

The world is still reeling from the after effects of a major spy scandal. The parties involved in that sordid story are yet to resolve their differences and bury the controversy. Now there is another one brewing, this time to the east. The Soviet empire might be long gone, but the tsars of the Kremlin still remember their tradecraft and they have not relinquished their ambitions to return to their status as a global behemoth. Gifts given by the hosts at the G20 summit in St. Once you ingest the jelly, you should always consult your GP. online levitra Things such as having friends, goals, and a life story are shown to generic prescription viagra without increase ones satisfaction. I sit free generic viagra far less during the day, all you need to do is pop in a pill of Adderrall or Adderral and you are done. It seems cute-n-tiny.com cheapest viagra to do this through its strong anti-inflammatory properties. Petersburg were apparently bugged with electronic espionage devices. When delegates from the world’s leading nations checked their welcome packs, USB flash drives and battery chargers, it was discovered that they contained devices that could access sensitive documents stored on laptops and other computers.

Global supremacy is a high stakes game and in this game it seems that a nation cannot even trust their allies. In international politics there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests. Many pundits thought that with the end of the cold war the ugly days of ideological hostilities and devious spy games would be over. But those days seem to be back in full force in new fronts like international trade, the competition for scarce resources and just the desire to be number one.

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