13 Things women really want in a bachelor pad

A woman notices every detail about you starting from your clothes, smile, body language, shoes and closely scrutinizes even the place you live or call home. All these details make up the brand in you and send consistent messages over the time. If you are a bachelor and living either alone or with your roommates, you need to be very careful as your abode might become a turn on or a turn off for your lady love.


Impress the lady at the very first visit

You might be successful projecting a strong value, character and confidence to the woman and woo her. But is your abode worth visiting the second time? Are you confident enough to make a first impression on her with the home décor and cleanliness of your bachelor pad? Think about it before you plan to bring your girl to your flat on rent in Pune for the first time. Don’t you want to impress and convey to her the positive character about your own self?

What are the dos and don’ts?

  1. A messy, untidy and unorganized place is the biggest turn off for any woman. You need to make sure that starting from the entrance of the house, living room to the kitchen, bedroom, washroom and store room are all cleaned without any bad odor.
  2. You must ensure that there is a space in the living room where there are comfortable furnishing items and you can entertain your guests.
  3. Men, beware of the bare walls as women dislike it to the core. Hang framed wall paintings of good taste and exhibit your caring as well as controlling character to your lady love.
  4. Make sure that the bed linens, hand towels are clean and there are arrangements for hand soap, toilet paper and tissues in their designated places.
  5. Don’t ignore to keep a musical playlist ready when she visits your music. Romantic, soft music can set the ambience and she will enjoy it for sure.
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  7. Though you are living at a rental apartment or flat in Pune, but make sure that the floors are swept right and there are no spider webs on the ceilings, roofs or corners of the walls and the furniture.
  8. Windows without blinds and curtains is a big turn off for ladies. Thus, ensure to have windows treatments before the lady visits your place.
  9. Books must be arranged properly on the shelves.
  10. You need to have arrangements for a proper well stocked bar.
  11. Don’t forget to keep things right on their designated places.
  12. You can try out some gardening as well to impress your lady.
  13. Keep some refreshment in the form of juice or wine ready when the woman arrives.
  14. The kitchen sink must not be clocked and the bathroom must smell good.


There are certain things that women in general really expect in a bachelor pad. Men usually find it mysterious and often fail to fulfill the dos and don’ts that they need to take care while decorating their apartmental home on in Pune and making it worth for a woman spending the time and enjoying it as well.

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  1. Of course! After all achieving all this will surely give you the sense of accomplishment 🙂

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