Write For Us

You might be a passionate writer and have a flair in writing and spreading the information you have. Maybe not reaching a wider audience hinders your growth as an earnest writer. You can submit your blog, article alone or with an infographic or video to reach a broad and versatile readers. However, follow these guidelines to submit a guest post to us :

  • Your article should be crisp and detailed.
  • The blog could be on any topic from the categories of our website but it should be informative and resourceful for the reader.
  • The content should be of minimum 400 words, not more than 1000 words.
  • Send your bio in around 100 words, and social media handle for us to post with your content.
  • Your blog and topic has to be original and not posted anywhere on the internet. ( Not even your social media)

If you are submitting an infographic or video along the blog, then it should be:

  • Mp4 video format and the size of the infographic has to be in Kbs.
  • The infographic or the video should not be compressed.
  • It should not be irrelevant to the article, and should add value to the content of the blog.

Remember: The infographic or video should be submitted along the article.