Articles by Vivek Rastogi

Upscale Your Style Quotient with Geometric Jewellery

Step out in style this new year and accessorize your attire, with geometric style jewellery instead of sticking to traditional designs. If you are worried there is less of choice in circle, square, triangle, octagonal or rectangular shaped trinkets you may be pleasantly surprised! Whether you prefer understated or bold…

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Evidence of Water on Mars

Finding evidence of water on Mars is one of the greatest discoveries of the century and it is fueling up the chances of life on the Martian terrain. Almost a decade ago, the Mars Global Surveyor of NASA snapped the pictures of water bursting through a gully wall and it…

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Walk a day to keep doctor away

In a life full of hustle bustle, morning walk comes up as a blessing for many. This is because it helps one stay fit by maintaining one’s weight. Walking could be defined as a gentle form of exercise. It also helps adults and old-aged people to maintain body fitness as…

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